A movie star (also known as a film star and cinema star) is a celebrity who is well-known, or famous, for his or her starring, or leading, roles in motion pictures. The term may also apply to an actor or actress who is recognized as a marketable commodity and whose name is used to promote a movie in trailers and posters. The most widely known, prominent or successful actors are sometimes called “superstars” by writers and journalists. When a small number of suppliers dominate a market those suppliers become superstars. According to an online dictionary, a movie star is an actor or actress who is famous for playing leading roles in movies.

Movie stars

Brad Pitt

American actor Brad Pitt was born William Bradley Pitt on the 18th day of December in 1963. The award winning actor was born in the city of Shawnee in Oklahoma. Raise a Southern Baptist along with his younger brother and sister, he spent most of his childhood growing up in Springfield, Missouri. In high school, Pitt was a member of the swim, tennis and golf teams at Kickapoo High School. He was overall quite active in high school years and participating in several events like debates and musicals.

Directly after high school graduation in 1982, Pitt became a student of the University of Missouri. His major was in journalism with an emphasis on an advertising aspect. Pitt left the university two weeks prior to earning his journalism degree. He did not free ready to settle down in life and could not deny his love for films. He described films as a portal into a different world in his opinion. He left school and moved to the ciy of Los Angeles and immediately began taking acting lessons with Roy London while working some odd jobs.

Brad Pitt's career began in the year of 1987. In that year, he secured three uncredited parts in the movies Less Than Zero, No Way Out and No Man's Land. In May of that same year, he had his small screen debut. He had a small two show role on the soap opera on the NBC network titled Another World. His roles on television continued throughout that year and on to the next. He had small role on Dallas and guest appearences on Growing Pains and 21 Jump Street. He was given his first leading role in the 1998 film, The Darkside of the Sun.

The 1992 role of Paul Mclean in the movie A River Runs Through It was said to be the performance that made his career. The film separated him from the misconception that he was just a hunky cowboy. And regardless of his personal opinion of his role in the fil it was very well received.

Pitts career took off and he continously secured leading roles in several popular timeless films like Seven, 12 Monkeys, Meet Joe Black and Fight Club. His preparation for the role of Tyler Durden in Fight Club was quite extensive. He took lessons in grappling, boxing and taekwondo as well as allowed his two front teeth to be removed for filming.

The career of Brad Pitt has continued to led him in several different directions. He has been nominated for several awards and has won an Academy award as well as a Golden Globe. His career also led him to meeting his now wife Angelina Jolie.

Jolie and Pitt met while on set on the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The couple dated from 2005 until August 23, 2014, when they were married in a private ceremony. The couple has a total of six children together, three adopted and three biological.

Jennifer Lawrence

Academy award and Golden Globe award winner Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was born on August 15th of the year 1990. She was born and was raised on the city of Louisville in Kentucky. She's the youngest of a three child family and she knew as early as the age of 14 that she wanted to persue an acting career. She was an exceptional student in high school and graduated two years early with a grade point average of 3.9.

Lawrence's acting career begin in 2007 with her role on a TBS comedy series. She portrayed the oldest daughter Lauren Pearson on the Bill Engvall Show. The show ran from September of 2007 through the year of 2009 and included three seasons in that time span. She auditioned for the part of Bella Swain in the film Twilight. She later shared that she was glad that she did not get the role, because of the large amount of media attention Kirsten Stweart received.

What was said to be Lawrence's breakthrough role was the role of super villain Mystique. She portrayed the shape-shifter in X-Men: First Class alongside actors Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. Her rendition of the character earlier portrayed by Rebecca Romijn was very well received.

Lawrence's most popular role came about in 2012 when she starred in The Hunger Games, a movie based on a novel by Sizanne Collins. As Katniss Everdeen, She played a very strong character and gained a very large following. In preparation for the role, she went above and beyond to train for the part. She did yoga, rock climbing, archery, pilates, tree climbing and some stunt training. It was said that the role defined Lawrence as an action moveir star. Critcis from several media outlets wrote that Lawrence truly embodied the character and help bring the novel to life.

Later in 2012, Lawrence became the face of the Dior brand and starred in Silver Linings Playbook and The House at the End of the Street. In that same year she also began to film the sequel to The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The sequel was released the 22nd of November in 2013.

Jennifer Lawrence has continued to be a very active actress. She has portrayed Mystique again in X-Men: Days of Future Past. She is also revisiting the role of Katniss Everdeen for two or more films based on the final installment of The Hunger Games books. The first part of the film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, is scheduled for release on November 21, 2014 and the second on November 20, 2015.

Lawrence is active in several charities. Some of the charities include The Thirst Project, Feeding Amercia and the World Food Programme. She is the official ambassador of the Special Olympics and has started her own foundation. The Jennifer Lawrence Foundation contributes to Do Something and the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

Bradley Cooper

Well-known actor, Bradley Charles cooper was born on Janyary 5th of 1975. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in the neighboring town of Jenkintown. He attended Germantown Academy and worked at the Philadelphia Daily News.

Cooper graduated from Georgetown University after transferrring from Villanova University folloing his first year. He completed Georgetown with honors and a bachelors degree in English in 1997. He continued his education and in 2000 he received a MFA from the Actors Studio Drama School in New York in acting.

A little role on the show Sex and the City in 1999 was the start of his acting career. His film debut was in the movie Wet Hot American Summer. These roles led to him securing a stable role on the show Alias. He portrayed Will Tippin on the drama for two years and acted in a film in 2002 titled Changing Lanes.

The year of 2009 was a very active acting year for Cooper. He starred in the films All About Steve, He's Just Not That Into You, Case 39 and the very popular film Hangover. Hangover was very well received and grossed more than $467 million all over the world.

Other films Cooper went on to star in included Valentine's Day, the A-team and Limitless. In 2011, he returned to his role in The Hangover film in its sequel in The Hangover Part II. The sequel did even better that the first film and was influential tioward him being named GQ's International Man of the Year. The role of Phil Wenneck resurfaced in 2013 with The Hangover Part III, the final installment in the series.

Cooper has had a quite active dating life. He was married in 2006 to actress Jennifer Esposito. The relationship with Esposito ended in May of 2007 when she filed for divorce. His next relationship was with actress Renee Zellweger and it lasted from 2009 through 2011. He then dated actress Zoe Saldana from 2011 to 2013 and since 2013 he has been dating super model Suki Waterhouse.

There is a list of awards Copper has been nomintated for and won. His roles in Silver Lining's Playbook and American Hustle has gotten him most of his nominations for awards. He has won 4 awards out of the six nominations he received for Silver Lining's Playbook. He also won 4 awards for American Hustle out of the seven nominations he received on this film.

Currently, Bradley Cooper is working on 2 films. The first film is the American Sniper which is being directed by Clint Eastwood. Eastwood replaced Steven Spielberg as the director. The second film that he is working on is a film that is being directed by Cameron Crowe. The film is also starring Emma Stone and Rachael McAdams. The name of the second film has not been released.

Angelina Jolie

Amercian actress, filmmaker and philantropist Angelina Jolie Voight was born June 4th of 1975 in Los Angeles, California. She was raised between Los Angeles and Palisades, New York. Both of her parents, Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight, were actors. Her godparents, Maximillian Schell and Jacqueline Bisset were actors as well. With all the acting influence surrounding her family, Jolie stated that it was the watching of her mother's career that was the most inspiration to her.

At the age of eleven, Jolie made the bold decision that she too wanted to act. She begin to be trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. She trained there for two years and acted in quite a few stage productions while in training.

Jolie committed to the pursuit of an acting career at the age of 16 after changing her mind for a while around the age of 12. For a few years, she had aspirations of one day becoming a funeral director. This decision led her to leaving her acting training and she begin a career as a fashion model that toook her to places like New York, and London. She later returned to her studies in the theater after she graduated from Beverly Hills High School.

When Jolie was seven, she has her movie acting debut with a small role in the film Looking to Get Out alongside her father. The role that has been stated as the start of her prfoessional career was the role in the movie Cyborg 2 in 1993. Following that role, Jolie did a role in the film Without Evidence, and independent film, and her very first Hollywood movie, Hackers, both in 1995.

The role of Cornelia Wallace, the wife of Alabama Govenor, George Wallace, in TNT's film George Wallace brought Jolie her first Golden Globe Award. Her next role was said to be one of the most important to her career. It was the portrayal of the life of the super model Gia Carangi that was said to gain her a large following.

Thereafter Jolie went on to star in several films. Films like Girl Interupted in 1999, Gone in Sixty Seconds in 2000, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001 and Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005. Her latest role was in Disney's Maleficent and it was her grossed movie to date.

The awards Jolie has won a few rewards during her career. She won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in Gia. She also won a SAG award, a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for her role in Girl Interupted.

Dedicated philantropist and humanitarian, Jolie has donated millions to different charities as early as the age of 26 witha donation to UNHCR Emergency Appeal. She then went on to field missions all aroung the workd to more than 30 countries to bring about the awareness of the plight os these people. She funded a project called Millennium Village and a few other projects.

On August 23, 2014, Jolie married her long time boyfriend of nine years and father to her children in a private ceremony in France. Together Jolie and Pitt have six children that range from the age of 6 to 13. Three of the children were adopted and three are the biological children of Jolie and Pitt.

Will Smith

Born on the 25th day of September in the year of 1968 was American Actor, rapper and producer Willard Carrol Smith, Jr. Known by simply Will Smith, he was born and grew up in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Smith is also commonly known as The Fresh Prince.

Smith's career begin as one half of the hip hop based duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. The other half of the group was a friend from his childhood, Jeffrey Townes. The group has hits that were what was considered radio friendly song like "Summertime" and "Parent Just Dont Understand".

His acting career began in the year of 1990. That year he signed a contract with television network NBC, The network built sitcom around Smith titled The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show's original run ran from its premiere on September 10, 1990 through May 20, 1996.

Smith's first major roles on the silver screen were in 1993 movie Six Degrees and the 1995 movie Bad Boys which co-starred Martin Lawrence. An important film in his early career was his part as Captin Steven Hiller in the movie Independence Day. This role defined Smith as a action movie star. His next movies included Men in Black and Wild Wild West.

Another big film in Smith's Career was the science fiction, post-apocalyptic horror movie I Am Legend that was released on December 14, 2007. It was very well received and began critics to calling Smith a number one box office draw in Hollywood.

Other big films starring Smith include his return to the role of Mike Lowrey in the 2003 release of Bad Boys II. He returned to his role in Men in Black for two more films. Men in Black III was released in May of 2012.

Smith has been married to his second wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, since 1997. He is the father to three children. His first son, Willard Carroll Smith III, born in 1992 was with his first wife, Sheree Zampino. With Jada, he has two children, Jaden born in 1998 and Willow born in 2000.

Smith has acted in three films with his children, one of those being the film I Am Legend. His daughter Willow portrayed his daughter in the film. He acted beside his son Jaden in two films, The Pursuit of Happyness released in the year 2006 and After Earth which was released in 2013.

Throughout the years, Smith has returned to his first love of music. He has released 4 solo albums. The last album the rapper relased was the 2005 album title Lost and Found. In 2011, it was said that he returned to the studio to bein working on a new project.

An award winner, Smith has 45 of the 85 nominations he has ever received for awards. He won all four of the Grammy Awards he has even been nominated for. He has four MTV Awards, Teen Choice Awards and four Golden Globe Awards.

Natlie Portman

Natalie Portman is an American, Israeli actress. She was born on June 9th of 1981 as Natalie Hershlag in Jerusalem, Israel. She has dual citizenship and refers to Jerusalem as home, even though she grew up in the U.S. She lived in Washingto, D.C. for a while, but then relocated to Connecticut, Jericho, New York and then lived on Long Island.

Once Portman graduated from Syosset High School in the year 1999, she began to study at Harvard University. She graduated from Harvard in 2003 with an A.B. degree in the field of pyschology. She was a very active stdent having a few papers published on diffferent subject important to her like her homeland.

Portman's acting career began when she landed a role in 1993 opposite Jean Reno. The film, Leon: The Professional, was released in November of the next year. This film was when the decision was made change her last name to Portman for her stage name to protect the identity of her family.

The next movies she went on to secure roles in include Mars Attacks, Heat and Everyone Says I Love You. She also had a quite major role in in the film Beatiful Girls. She did some work on Broadway and portrayed Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank. She has done quite a it of work on stage as she has also acted in the play Chekhov's The Seagull with stars Kevin Kline and Meryl Streep.

Portman has had a very active career since the mid 90s and has played several different types of characters like that in the film Where the Heart is. She's been seen on Saturday Night Live and guest starred on The Simpsons in their 18th season. She also appeared in the Dance Tonight music video by Paul McCartney.

The film Black Swan was an important film in Portman's career. A critic was quoted as saying this film was one of her most compelling performances. She received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role as Nina Sayers, The Swan Queen.

While filming Black Swan, Portman met and started to date Benjamin Millepied, a ballet dancer and choreographer. She gave birth to the couple's only child, Aleph, in June of 2011. The couple was married on August 4, 2012. The couple has plans to live in Paris where Millepied will be the director of the Paris Opera Ballet.


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